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Company establishment in Poland

company establishment

Opening a company in Poland – a long and complex process? A myth!

The process of establishing a company in Poland via the internet looks as follows:

Step 1: Obtaining a PESEL, Profil Zaufany or Polish qualified Polish electronic signature, and searching for a company address
Step 2: Document preparation and online company registration
Step 3: Finalizing company formalities, such as registration in the Central Register of Business Activity (CRBR), payment of the PCC tax, opening a bank account, and contributing the share capital

Registration of the most popular legal forms in Poland with AssistPRO online or through a notary:

AssistPRO offers a comprehensive company establishment package that includes:

  • Company name: We can provide you with up to three possible name options or check up to three names of your choice
  • Document preparation: We can assist in preparing the necessary documents for company registration. The documents can be prepared in Polish and Lithuanian languages for an additional fee
  • Representation in the company establishment process: We provide full support and assistance throughout the entire process, from the beginning to the launch of your business.

With AssistPRO services, you can benefit from professional guidance and expertise to ensure a smooth and efficient company establishment process in Poland.

The possibilities for company establishment in Poland are as follows:

I. Company establishment through a notary

II. Company establishment online

III. To establish a branch or representation

IV. Company acquisition

Through a notary, in the presence of a natural person or with a power of attorney
Electronically, no physical presence in the foreign country required Through a notary, establishment of a branch in physical presence or with a power of attorney Through a notary, in the presence of a natural person or with a power of attorney


  • Establishment of legal entities of various legal forms in Poland
  • International company restructuring, reorganization, or liquidation in Poland
  • Consultations regarding corporate governance structure, drafting shareholder agreements, and analysis, can be provided as additional services.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us.
We are here to help you!

The cost of company establishment depends on the specific legal form of the company you plan to establish. Each legal form may have different requirements and associated costs. Let’s discuss your individual offer!

The cost of company establishment in Poland (Sp. Z o. o.)

I. Company establishment through a notary

II. Company establishment online

III. To establish a branch or representation

IV. Company acquisition

1800 €
from 1140
netto +23% VAT
950 €
from 590
netto +23% VAT
1650 €
from 990
netto +23% VAT
1900 €
from 1240
netto +23% VAT
Through a notary, in the presence of a natural person or with a power of attorney Electronically, no physical presence in the foreign country required Through a notary, establishment of a branch in physical presence or with a power of attorney
Through a notary, in the presence of a natural person or with a power of attorney
Start-up time: from 4 weeks Start-up time: 2 to 4 weeks or 1-3 days
Start-up time: 4 to 8 weeks Start-up time: 2 to 4 weeks or 1-3 days

Additional expenses for company establishment in Poland (Sp. Z o. o.) may include:

  1. Share capital: The minimum required share capital for a Sp. Z o. o. is 5,000 PLN (Polish złoty).
  2. Registered address: Every company in Poland is required to have a registered address. This can be either a physical office space or a virtual office. The cost of a virtual office can vary, and the mentioned price of 230 € per year is an example.
  3. PESEL, Profil Zaufany, or Qualified Electronic Signature: These are electronic identification tools used for various purposes, including company registration. The cost of obtaining these tools can vary depending on the service provider.

Please note that the mentioned prices are provided as examples and may vary. It is recommended to consult with a professional service provider or legal expert for accurate and up-to-date information on the specific costs and requirements associated with company establishment in Poland.

Limited Liability Company LLC (spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp. Z o. o.)

In a limited liability company (LLC) in Poland, the partners can be individuals or legal entities, including other companies. The partners of an LLC can have one or more partners. However, there is an exception that a single-member LLC cannot be established by another single-member LLC.

In terms of the company’s management structure, it is recommended to have at least 2 shareholders to avoid additional insurance contributions. If there is only one shareholder in the company’s management structure, additional insurance contributions may apply due to their status.

Liability for obligations – the company is liable for its obligations with all its assets, and the members of the management board can be jointly and severally liable, but only if enforcement against the company proves to be ineffective. Partners (shareholders) are not liable for the company’s obligations. Members of the management board can be exempt from liability if they prove that they timely filed for bankruptcy or that the board has initiated settlement proceedings, or that the bankruptcy petition was not filed and the settlement process was not initiated not due to their fault, i.e., despite the fact that no bankruptcy application was filed and no settlement procedure was initiated, the creditor did not suffer any damage.

The company’s management board and other corporate bodies represent and manage the company’s affairs. The management board can consist of one or several members. The management board is not required to be composed of shareholder-partners (the functions of the management board can be carried out by individuals who do not hold company shares). The appointment and dismissal of the management board are decided by the shareholders (unless otherwise specified in the company’s articles of association).

After establishing a company in Poland, there are several necessary steps to be taken. These actions may include:

  1. The Central Register of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (CRBR) is a registry of individuals who control specific economic entities. It is mandatory to report the information to the registry no later than 7 days from the company’s registration (from the day of establishment). Failure to comply with this requirement may result in a fine of up to 1 million PLN. One of the main tasks of CRBR is to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
  2. Payment of PCC (Tax on Civil Law Transactions) is made to the Tax Office (Urząd Skarbowy) in Poland. The PCC-3 form should be submitted within 14 days from the conclusion of the company agreement, and within the same period, the calculated tax amount (0.5% of the company’s share capital) should be paid independently.
  3. The additional request (NIP-8 form) is submitted to the Tax Office (Urząd Skarbowy) in Poland. The NIP-8 form must be submitted within 21 days, or if the company immediately employs employees, this period is shortened to 7 days, from the new company’s registration in the National Court Register (Narodowy Rejestr Sądowy). It is mandatory to submit the NIP-8 form in accordance with these timelines.

Special offer „Start24“

A solution for those who want to quickly establish a company in Poland online. (Sp. Z o. o. spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością)

The “Start24” package for company formation in Poland includes the following:
1. Preparation of Company Documents: Preparation of all necessary formation documents.
2. Company Registration: Assistance in registering the company with authorities.
3. Bank Account Opening: Assistance in opening a business bank account.
4. VAT Registration: Support in registering for Value Added Tax (VAT), if applicable
5. Legal Assistance: Guidance on legal requirements and obligations.
6. Ongoing Support: Continued assistance with administrative needs.

Company formation can be done remotely or online in Poland.
Only one trip to Poland is necessary for opening a bank account, and one trip to the Polish consulate in your country is required.

The cost of company establishment in Poland is 799 EUR net.

The registration process takes 2-3 weeks in Poland. The timeframe can be shortened to 1-3 days, but it requires an additional trip to Poland to obtain a qualified electronic signature, which incurs an additional cost.

  • Company registration (virtual) address in Poland

  • Electronic Signature in Poland is known as “Profil Zaufany,” which is an advanced electronic signature and PESEL is a personal identification number in Poland

  • Court fee and translation expenses

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