Accounting is one of the essential components of successful and smooth business operations, which is why AssistPRO entrusts these services to true professionals in the field. Collaborating with companies that provide accounting services (depending on the size of your business and the chosen city in Poland), we guarantee fast and reliable service delivery with a trusted partner.

According to Polish laws, accounting in a company must be maintained from the very first day of its establishment. Each month, the company must submit all reports to relevant state institutions; failure to do so for several months can result in the revocation of the VAT code by Polish authorities.

The costs of accounting can range from 90-140 EUR* net +23% VAT per month (up to 15 invoices) + additional expenses for employee hiring and wage calculation.

*Prices and rates are subject to change due to fluctuations in foreign country pricing, currency exchange rates, decisions made by AssistPRO, as well as changes in national or international taxes and fees. To receive an accurate proposal with pricing details, please contact us!

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