Many entrepreneurs engaged in their own transport business opt for vehicle leasing because it allows them to use newer transport in their operations without requiring a significant financial contribution. Transport companies that show minimal revenue or even losses also take advantage of this opportunity. There is a reason for this – vehicle leasing is the main and at the same time the cheapest source of financing for tractors, semi-trailers and other vehicles.


Why is it worth leasing in Poland for freight transport?

AssistPRO , together with an independent leasing company in Poland, SOS Leasing has singled out the following main advantages of freight leasing:

  • Proof of credit history is not required and it is not reduced upon receipt of the lease (the lease is included in the company’s costs), which means that the fees are much lower;
  • No large financial contribution required;
  • Proof of high income is not required – truck leasing can be obtained even if the company incurs losses;
  • Leasing of tractors and semi-trailers allows to obtain financing very quickly: formalities related to the leasing procedure and the conclusion of the leasing contract can be completed in 3-5 days;
  • During the leasing period, the tractor or semi – trailer belongs to the leasing company, therefore it is not available to bailiffs and does not reduce the company ‘s creditworthiness (relevant for those who want to take out a loan or a loan for real estate, for example).

In summary, leasing is a great way to generate extra costs. And this means not only leasing of freight transport, but also leasing of construction equipment or IT equipment. This is especially true for entrepreneurs looking for quick and easy ways to cut taxes.


How to get a tractor lease?

Obtaining a lease in Poland is a simple procedure. Every business in Poland has the opportunity to obtain a simplified leasing procedure in an extremely short time. It takes only a few days to process an application for a lease.

In addition to the credit history, leasing allows the purchase of 2 new or even 3 tractors. Increased leasing financing requires documents proving financial results and capacity. Please note that in the case of new companies, the initial down payment for the purchase of the first tractor is 20-25%. However, there are non-bank leasing segments that can provide leasing with a 10% down payment.

Facilitates leasing, two moments:

  • Does the lessee have experience in transportation;
  • Does the lessee have signed a cooperation (transportation) agreement or intends to sign with a prospective client;


Lease payments: which offer to choose?

When it comes to choosing the level of lease payments, it is recommended to take the season into account. One of the options is leasing trucks for kilometers. With this option, the amount of the lease payment is proportional to the planned mileage of the tractor. The more kilometers traveled, the higher the contribution and vice versa. Therefore, when the tractor is not in use, the lessee pays a small rent / lease payment. For example, during the low season, when there is a lack of orders, or when the tenant has a different type of equipment, then there is an option to choose a lease for the kilometers traveled. It should also be mentioned that there is also a leasing loan. It is mainly intended for transport companies planning to buy a tractor or semi-trailer from abroad. It is important to note that such purchases are not subject to value added tax (VAT).


What are the main conditions for leasing tractors, semi-trailers and trailers?

AssitPRO , together with SOS Leasing , an independent leasing company in Poland, has singled out the main conditions for freight leasing below.


Financing method:

– Operating leasing (90% of cases are selected) lenk. Leasing operations

– Leasing loan lenk. Leasing policy

– Financial leasing lenk. Leasing finansowy

– Long term rent lenk. Wynajem długoterminowy

– Leasing for return lenk. Leasing zwrotny

Initial payment:

0-45% (please note that at least 10% of the value of the vehicle is requested)

Leasing period:

2-6 years


Equal parts or seasonal

Redemption amount:




Tractor type:

New or used up to 7 years


Only the main aspects of leasing remain listed above. Other individual decisions and changes to the conditions are possible.

SOS Leasing finances all brands of tractors, semi-trailers and trailers, including: MAN , DAF , Scania , Mercedes-Benz , Renault , Volvo , Iveco tractors and Krone , Wielton , Schmitz and Kögel semi-trailers or trailers. It also offers the possibility to extend the warranty of tractors at the lowest price in Poland !


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