Dispel the myth that finding a common language is difficult!

Polish is spoken by a large number of people in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia and Lithuania. In cooperation with highly qualified language specialists, we can offer translations not only from Polish into Lithuanian, but also translations of other combinations.

  • Fast
  • Usually
  • At a competitive price
  • Without bureaucracy
  • With a reliable partner
  • And professional advice

1. We translate

Fast, high-quality, professional, inexpensive translation

2. We are editing

We edit translated and untranslated texts

3. We adjust

We are editing the translated text

4. We confirm

We can certify the translated document at the notary’s office

The cost of the Polish translation is calculated according to the volume of the translation, more precisely – the number of characters in the text. Translation fees depend on the language combinations, the complexity of the text and the urgency of the translation. These are usually:

  • From 9-15 € / 1 page (1250 characters)
  • Interpreting from 30 € / hour.

The quality of the translation is ensured not only by experienced professional translators, but also by a properly organized translation ordering process:

  • text evaluation
  • selection of suitable translators and editors
  • translation
  • text preview
  • editing
  • assessment of the quality of the final translation