Temporary residence permit in Poland (Pl. Karta czasowego pobytu)

Temporary residence permit in Poland Residence permit (Karta czasowego pobytu) – a document confirming the identity of a foreigner and:

– The legality of residence in Poland (it is necessary to obtain a visa);
– allows you to move freely in all countries of the European Union.

What gives a residence permit in Poland? Privileges of a visit card Polszta Pobytu:

  • Opening and running a business legally;

  • Free travel in Europe (Schengen Union) WITHOUT a visa

  • Purchase of real estate;

  • Buying a car on all EU territory;

  •  Getting higher education in Poland and Europe;

  • Free medical care in Poland;

  • Ability to obtain national types of visas for close relatives;

  • Obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit (Karta stałego pobytu), after living for about 5 years in the residence permit status.

Advantages of opening a residence permit in Poland

  • Minimum tax requirements (minimum amount of company taxes) to extend the residence permit in Poland

  • When applying for a residence permit in Poland no criminal record, health and bank statements are required.

  • Ability to open bank accounts (conditions will be much more favorable than in other EU countries)

  • Automatic residence permit for the family

Opportunities to get a residence permit in Poland
You can get a residence permit in Poland in several ways:

  • Studying in Poland for students and adults

  • Official employment in Poland

  • Through the Polish Card and Polish roots

  • To become a founder of an enterprise (company) in Poland

  • Getting married to a citizen of Poland

Important: If you are applying for a residence permit card, you need:
– For work: to have proof that your income is not below the minimum wage in the country;
– for students: to have money to support themselves;

How to get a residence permit in Poland?

  • Step #1
    Set the purpose of obtaining a residence permit in Poland and prepare documents

  • Step #2
    Registration for the visit to the voivodship and submission of documents (to the voivodship where you plan to reside in Poland). You have to submit the documents in person. Biometric data are submitted during the visit.

  • Step #3
    Obtaining a residence permit.

Document review time: 1-2 months, but the case can take from 3 and even up to 6 months.
The maximum period for which a residence permit is issued is 3 years. Later it can be obtained for 10 years.

A negative answer about the issuance of the Polish Host Card can be if a foreigner:

  • without grounds to initiate the granting of refugee status;

  • refused to submit biometric data;

  • is absent from the territory of the republic or is in custody;

  • Negative tax history of the applicant or the contracted employer.

Registration and renewal of residence permits in Poland takes place only in Poland!
You must not leave the country while the application is being reviewed!

Living in Poland with a temporary residence permit for 5 years , gives the right to obtain permanent residence in Poland permanent residence permit and then apply for a Polish passport..

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