Resident status of the European Union BLUE CARD ((pl.Zezwolenie na pobyt rezydenta długoterminowego Unii Europejskiej)

The EC Blue Card is designed to make Europe more attractive to highly educated people outside the European Union. The card is named blue, after the colors of the EU flag. It is an ordinary temporary residence and work permit that can be obtained by highly qualified workers. The blue card can be obtained either in Poland, Lithuania or Germany, but it will be valid only in the territory of the country where it was obtained.

Opportunities to obtain the BLUE CARD in Poland

  • A foreigner must have completed higher education or at least 5 years of professional experience;

  • Have a gross wage of at least 150% of the national average (in 2021 7751,20 PLN gross);

  • Have a contract with an employer for at least 1 year;
  • Have health insurance;

  • To be provided with housing in Poland;

The Blue Card is not issued in Poland:

  • Who have a secondary vocational education.
    Therefore, if you do not meet the requirements – you can apply for an ordinary work visa.

Benefits of the Blue Card in Poland:

  • Free access to the labor market after 2 years of Blue Card employment. (You can change jobs at a lower cost.

  • You don’t have to change your card every time and notify the agency every time like with a regular card).

  • Facilitated family reunification and residence permits for all family members.

  • After 18 months of work – the right to go to another country in the ES.

  • After 5 years of stay in the ES on the basis of the blue card, you can get a permanent residence permit.

  • It is possible to stay in the country without work for 3 months.

  • Family members can receive residence cards with access to the labor market (it is possible to apply for a residence permit for the family even without their presence in Poland).

Time of consideration of documents: about 1-2 months, but the case may be considered longer.

The maximum term for which the BLUE CARD is issued is 3 years.
Important: The card is issued according to the dates of the employment contract. That is why it is better to conclude a contract not for one year, but for three years. If the contract will be concluded for three years or indefinitely, you will get the card for three years as well.

A negative answer about the issuance of the Blue Card BLUE CARD in Poland can be if a foreigner:

  • Ss staying in Poland illegally;

  • The foreigner provided false information in the application;

  • His details are listed in the system or in the list of foreigners undesirable in Poland;

  • The foreigner’s employer was convicted of violating Polish labor law.

  • If you are denied a Blue Card, you can apply for a visitor’s card or a regular work visa.

The Blue Card has high advantages over the regular Pobytu Card. Therefore, if you have the opportunity – take advantage of it!