Residence permit in Poland when buying real estate

Buying real estate does not give additional rights or special privileges in legalization in Poland (in obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence permit or citizenship). If you buy a property in Warsaw or another city, you can live only for the duration of your visa. The most ideal option would be to buy real estate to open a business in Poland. Business in Poland – will help significantly contribute to obtaining a residence permit, because part of the income will be deducted from the budget of Poland. The most common legal form of company in Poland is LLC, which will take about 1 month. Creation of jobs significantly increases the chances of obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence permit or citizenship in Poland.

Advantages of buying property in Poland to obtain a residence permit or citizenship:

  • It is not necessary to confirm the place of residence when getting a visa at the consulate;

  • You can register at the address of your own apartment when obtaining a long-term Polish visa;;

  • The process of obtaining citizenship is easier and faster;

If you are seriously interested in a residence permit when buying real estate, you should consider countries such as Spain, Portuglia, Greece or Malta. Only a few countries in Europe have government programs.