Permanent residence in Poland (pl. Karta stałego pobytu)

Permanent residence in Poland – Karta stałego pobytu is a document that allows foreign nationals to live, study, work and do business in the Republic of Poland for a long time, as well as to visit other EU countries without a visa.

Advantages of opening a permanent residence permit in Poland

  • Travel around Europe (without a visa);

  • Official employment and case management (without the need for additional permits);

  • You or your children can study and receive education in public educational institutions (free education);

  • It is possible to get citizenship.

Opportunities to get a permanent residence permit in Poland
Permanent residence in Poland can be obtained in several ways:

  • Foreigners who have officially resided in Poland for a long time (from 4 years with a residence permit, from 10 years with a residence permit)

  • Foreigners married to Polish citizens

  • A child whose parents have a permit to stay in Poland.

Additional requirements for obtaining a permanent residence permit in Poland:

  • Proficiency in the Polish language, knowledge of the Constitution, history and culture of Poland;

  • A source of stable income in Poland;

  • Mandatory health insurance;

  • Lease or purchase of real estate in Poland;

How to get a permanent residence permit in Poland?

  • Step #1
    Determine whether there are grounds for obtaining a permit and prepare documents.
  • Step #2
    Submission of a request to the department or department for foreigners of the Voivodeship Office (in the voivodeship where you reside in Poland). Biometric data are submitted during the visit.
  • Step #3
    Interview with an authorized representative of the voivodeship and obtaining a permanent residence permit.

Document review time: about 5 months, but the case can be reviewed up to a year. The maximum period for which a permanent residence permit is issued is 10 years. It can be extended at a later date.

A negative answer about granting a permanent residence permit in Poland can be:

  • Without grounds can be denied, but it is possible to get a refund for the application. You also write appeals and repeat the process.

If you have any doubts about the registration of the Permanent Residence Permit, please contact us, the first consultation is free!