Citizenship in Poland

Recently, Poland has been in the top 10 list of the strongest passports in the world. A Polish passport opens up many opportunities, but the most important thing: to be a citizen of Poland is to be a citizen of the European Union, as well:

  • Polish citizens are allowed to reside in all EU countries;

  • Travel to more than 170 countries without visas;

  • Start and do business (official employment in Poland and other EU countries);

  • Buy Real Estate;

  • Study at institutions of higher learning;

  • Polish citizens can enjoy many benefits.

Citizenship opportunities in Poland

There are several options for obtaining Polish citizenship in Poland, but the most popular options are:

  • The registration through the Pole card;

  • Restoration of status on the basis of Polish origin;

There are two ways to become a Polish citizen in Poland:

Granting Polish citizenship by the President of Poland

Recognition as a Polish citizen (via Voevoda)

Filing: by application to the President (if the foreigner is abroad, the application is submitted to the consul at the place of residence).
Submission of documents: application for recognition of Polish citizenship is submitted to the Voivode.


  • The president is not limited by any conditions that the alien must meet.

Most often served:

  • Holders of the Polish Card/Polish Roots
  • or figures of politics, culture and sports.


  • Residents in permanent residence status min. 3 years;
  • If you get a permanent residence permit and have lived in that status for at least a year;
  • A person who has lived in Poland for 10 years continuously, has an income and the status of a permanent residence or an EU resident;
  • A child born in Poland receives a Polish passport (if one of the parents is a Polish citizen).
  • It is necessary to get a certificate of knowledge of the Polish language.
  • Other circumstances.
If denied, the application is not substantiated and is not subject to appeal. The governor may refuse if it would pose a threat to public safety or order.
Document review time: about 1 year, but it can take several years. Document review time: about 3 months, but it can take up to half a year.

Dual Citizenship in Poland
It is allowed to have a second (multiple) citizenship in Poland. Having dual citizenship (in relation to Poland), a citizen has the same rights and obligations as a person with only Polish citizenship. BUT, before receiving the second Polish citizenship, we recommend to find out how the issue of dual citizenship is regulated in the foreigner’s country of origin (some countries do not recognize dual citizenship).