Accounting is one of the essential components of a successful and smooth business, which is why AssistPRO entrusts these services to true professionals in their field. In cooperation with companies providing accounting services (depending on the size of your business and the city chosen in Poland), we guarantee the performance of services:

  • Fast
  • Usually
  • At a competitive price
  • Without bureaucracy
  • With a reliable partner
  • And professional advice

According to Polish law, the company’s accounts must be kept from the first day the company is established. Every month, the company must submit all reports to the reporting state institutions, therefore, for the beginning, if the company’s activities are minimal, we recommend entrusting the accounting of our company to a company providing accounting services.

If you have more than 15-20 (or more) vehicles in your fleet, more than a few employees, we recommend that you consider hiring a personal company accountant.

Company providing accounting services – costs can reach from 90-140 EUR net + 23% VAT / month (up to 15 accounts) + additional costs for employee employment or salary calculation.

Personal accountant of the company – (to be adjusted individually)

Tax comparison in Lithuania and Poland

in Lithuania In Poland

Income tax
15 percent Common rate
5 percent Micro enterprises (employees up to 5), agricultural enterprises

Income tax
19 percent Common rate
9 percent. For micro – enterprises (turnover not exceeding EUR 1.2 million), agricultural enterprises.

21 percent Common rate
9 percent. Books, newspapers, Hotel accommodation, Public transport, etc.
5 percent Medicines, medical aids

23 percent Common rate
8 percent Books, newspapers, Hotel accommodation, Public transport, etc.
5 percent For food
Need to register if you exceed € 45,000 in the last 12 months. Registration required if you exceed € 44,000 in the last 12 months

Income tax
15 percent Dividends, royalties, interest income, income from renting real estate in Lithuania.
5 percent income from individual activities of the population

Income tax
18 percent Step I – up to EUR 19,000;
Step II -3,400 EUR + 32% if Step I is exceeded;