Risk assessment and hedging in the best conditions – especially easy!

As an agent of the Polish insurance company PZU , AssistPRO will assess all the risks around you and take care of the most favorable insurance conditions. Avoid the consequences of accidents, theft, chest or other accidents with AssistPRO and PZU .

  • Fast
  • Usually
  • At a competitive price
  • Without bureaucracy
  • With a reliable partner
  • And professional advice

In cooperation with one of the leading insurance companies in Poland, we can offer the following types of insurance on the best terms at the best price. PZU insurance company in Poland occupies over 30 percent. insurance markets, the other two – WARTA and ERGO HESTIA – share only 15% each. Insurance services:

  • Motor third party liability insurance – MANDATORY
  • Motor insurance – CASCO (optional but recommended)
  • CMR and cargo insurance
  • Other species
  • Motor third party liability insurance for a tractor – from 880 € / year.
  • Vehicle insurance – KASKO (price is adjusted individually).
  • CMR and cargo insurance (price is adjusted individually).
  • Other types (price to be adjusted individually).

1. The TPVCA contract (policy) in Poland is concluded exclusively for one year (no option, this is the case for all insurance companies in Poland ). Payment can be made more than once.

2. Compulsory civil insurance – required immediately after the purchase of the vehicle. Although the vehicle is not in use, it must be insured. The insurance must be valid at all times.

Penalties without compulsory civil insurance:

  • Passenger cars (2 minimum wages) *
  • Freight transport (3 minimum wages) *

Period without insurance / percentage:

  • More than 14 days – 100 percent.
  • From 4 to 14 days – 50 percent.
  • Up to 3 days – 20 percent.

* 2021-01-01 minimum gross earnings of 2,800 zł