Generally, citizens of the Republic of Lithuania (and other EU Member States) can start and do business in Poland under the same conditions as citizens of the Republic of Poland. EU citizens can also provide cross-border services in Poland. In this case, you do not need to register your business in Poland, but the cross-border provision of services may be temporary and occasional in another Member State.

Opportunities to start a business in Poland

The most common form of company formation is the formation of a new limited liability company from scratch. Restructuring, mergers or divisions of companies are relatively rare, as these procedures are time-consuming, time-consuming and costly. In Poland, limited liability companies can be set up in two ways:

→ In the classical way , by concluding a contract in the form of a notarial deed

Electronically by concluding a contract electronically in the S24 system

In principle, the same documents are prepared in one way or another by the founder, but there are still some differences. Starting a business online in Poland is lower, the start-up process is much simpler and the start-up time is twice as fast. Meanwhile, setting up a business in the classical way requires a visit to a notary, a process that requires more action for the founder himself and is, of course, much more expensive. BUT, when setting up a contract in the classical way, it is concluded individually, it is possible to set non-standard provisions (the company’s articles of association can be individualized for each owner).

Nevertheless, more than 90% of all start-ups in Poland choose to start a business online . Starting a business online requires only one trip to Poland to open a bank account. As the name of this method of starting a company suggests, the whole process of setting up is done on the S24 portal .


Steps to start a business online in Poland

Step 1

To register a company online, all board members must create an ePUAP profile to create it – a Polish is required. PESEL (identification code) or electronic digital signature Polish. electronic subdivision. To confirm lenk. PESEL it is necessary to come to the Polish consulate. If it is Lithuania, it will go to the Polish consulate in Vilnius. PESEL is It takes about 2 weeks to receive an ePUAP , so if you need to do it faster, we recommend that you go to Poland and get an electronic digital signature (it takes 1 business day), but there are additional costs involved. PESEL is needed in any case to open a bank account .

Step 2

→ Find a company address. Depending on the selected Polish city, a business address is required. There is a fairly large supply of virtual business addresses in Poland. Prices range from 10-20 EUR / month.

→ In order to be able to sign documents electronically, it is necessary to register with the KRS (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy), the state register of court companies, and to log in to the website and register in the S24 system. The state fee for filing an application is PLN 350. After payment, all documents are sent to the court for examination.

Step 3

Confirmation of the company’s registration in Poland comes within a week (depending on the city chosen, sometimes it takes up to 2 weeks) if all the documents have been sent correctly and the court does not have additional questions. Notification is also required after company registration lenk. CRBR and pay a PCC fee of 0.5 percent. from the authorized capital of the company.

Step 4

→ Opening a bank account in Poland. As mentioned, the necessary drive to the Polish bank, depending on the bank, the procedure took 1-2 working days.

→ Also after the establishment of the company, works follow: registration with the social insurance fund, the statistics department, the tax department and concluding a contract with an accountant .

In summary, setting up a business online in the S24 system will allow you to register your business quickly and make life easier for entrepreneurs. Certainly many companies that rely on simple management models opt for this option. However, if you need a solution that is tailored to your case, we suggest consulting a specialist , because success does not always lie in simplicity, but in finding the optimal solution.