When setting up a company in Poland, do you need to choose a bank account, but which bank to choose? Which bank offers the best deals for entrepreneurs?

The AssistPRO team has developed a ranking of bank accounts in Poland, which is useful for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses looking for a cheap account for their business. We believe that this will save time when choosing a bank in Poland . Based on our experience and customer feedback, we have compiled the ratings of the Bank of Poland for 2021.

Until recently, it took a lot to pay to have a company account. Today, the situation has changed dramatically, especially for entrepreneurs who are taking the first steps to improve their offers and even offer to have an account for free (some all the time, others for a certain period of time). Clearly, this is due to increased competition between banks and other aspects of the market.

The best terms are currently offered by Nest Bank , followed by mBank , Alior , Pekao SA and Santander (with a large bonus package for new customers) and ING Bank .

The period of the Covid-19 pandemic is having a negative impact on both banks and businesses, with declining profits worrying – if the economy does not recover, there is a possible scenario in the near future that banks may even raise fees on accounts. To this day, banks are trying to attract as many customers as possible by offering big bonuses so that customers trust it and not another bank. For example, if you have an account with Santander Bank, you can receive a bonus of up to PLN 2,000, ie the bank pays a bonus for the active account used and for making the appropriate number of orders. This policy is also used by other banks such as iKonto Biznes, Alior and others.

We remind you that you need to have a registered company in Poland to open a business account. You first register the company and then only open a company account. The account opening process is available:

(A) Opening by Proxy

(B) Opening an individual bank

Opening an account in the first option would usually only open a “mortal” account, ie you will not be able to do anything with it, because it is necessary for a foreign citizen to visit a bank branch, therefore we recommend to do it individually by going to any bank branch. We remind you how to open a company and you can consult the AssistPRO team for all the steps.

We hope that the prepared analysis will be useful for you and will make it easier for you to choose a bank to start your business.

Please note that the statements in the analysis are only our views and may not be distributed, quoted or otherwise used without the prior express consent of AssistPRO.

Rating of bank (business) accounts in Poland for the beginning of 2021:

1 place BUSINESS Account (Nest Bank)

Nest Bank is a trademark that replaced two pre-existing banks, SMART and BIZ Bank, which were owned by the same owner. Since its inception (since 2016), the Bank has applied low pricing, which has been maintained to this day, and the Bank continues to gradually introduce new improvements and technological innovations.

BIZnest account is free, free online transfers, as well as free cash withdrawals from all Polish and other European ATMs (but remember to change currency – those who leave often will benefit from purchasing a card for a foreign currency account). Customers can use the cash services at the branches, as well as deposit cash through Euronet machines free of charge. For those for whom the only criterion is low costs, this bank is for you.

Bank reference: Lokaty, kredyty, konta bankowe i oszczędnościowe | Nest Bank


2nd place mBusiness account Start (mBank)

The most popular account among just established companies, mBiznes, is one of the most frequently chosen accounts for Internet entrepreneurs. For companies that have been operating for less than 12 months, the bank has developed a special offer “mBiznes Start Account”, which includes a package of free transfers or a card fee exemption. Possibility to withdraw (withdraw) cash from Euronet, Planet Cash and Santander ATMs free of charge. Please note that there is a PLN 1.3 fee for cash withdrawals up to PLN 100. However, BLIK withdrawals from an ATM remain free, regardless of the amount, so you should be familiar with this application.

It offers people who trade online additional benefits and gadgets that you can embed in your email. in the store. Also, in addition to access to the latest banking technologies (BLIK, Apple Pay, Google Pay), mBank offers the possibility to verify a trusted profile (personal identification code in Polish) (ePUAP), to set up a company online, easy to take a loan to start a business, use the currency exchange platform and perform online accounting.

Due to its long market presence and full Internet access to all transactions, mBank has acquired a group of loyal customers. However, those who focus on the lowest possible costs should look for slightly cheaper alternatives.

Bank link: Wróć na mBank.pl


3rd place iKonto Biznes (Alior Bank)

Alior Bank is an account for entrepreneurs who perform most transactions online. An iKonto Biznes account with no hidden fees that are gradually becoming standard in other banks. Local online and European SEPA transfers are free (however, you must remember the limit of about 10 free SMS messages to confirm transactions per month; we will pay PLN 30 cents each).

Attention should be paid to transactions performed at the bank’s branch: transfer to another bank costs PLN 20, cash payment to the account 0.5% fee, min. 10 PLN. So, if you want to visit the branches of a bank branch, we recommend choosing another bank.

However, if you plan to conduct business using a computer or smartphone, iKonto Biznes can provide you with many additional benefits. The current bonuses for active bank customers are very high. You can receive bonuses of up to PLN 1,500 per year from the bank.

Bank link: Alior Bank – Home – English version – Alior Bank – English version

4th place Account Management Business (Pekao SA)

Bank account – free of charge, but after fulfilling one of several conditions, for example, by making a transfer to a social insurance institution or tax office or receiving income min. PLN 2,000 per month. You have a package of 15 online transfers for free (others: PLN 1.5), 20 free SMS authorization codes (subsequent SMS messages sent by the bank cost PLN 0.2).

Cash without commissions can be picked up at Pekao SA ATMs (without restrictions) and twice a month from ATMs of foreign networks. A multi-currency Mastercard Business card is issued at a cost of PLN 7 per month (exemption condition: non-cash payments of at least PLN 300 per month). Cash withdrawals at branches are free of charge up to PLN 10,000 per month, while commission-free income can be deposited at Pekao ATMs (up to PLN 100,000 per month free of charge, above which the commission amounts to 0.2%). You can receive a bonus of up to PLN 1,000 (per year) for active use of the account.

Bank link: English version – Bank Pekao SA

5th place Account Firmowe Godne Polecenia (Santander Bank Polska)

Konto Firmowe Godne Polecenia is a product of Santander Bank Polska for people who are self-employed and have several partners. The account maintenance fee (PLN 25) can be avoided by making a transfer to ZUS (for a minimum amount of PLN 200). 15 transfers per month online – free of charge, others cost PLN 1.3. In addition, you must add an SMS fee (PLN 0.20; 5 codes per month are free). Visa Business Electron or MasterCard Business Debit allows you to withdraw or deposit cash from Santander ATMs free of charge. The monthly card fee is PLN 7 or PLN 0 if transfers are made in excess of PLN 400. Having an account allows you to open one foreign currency account (EUR, USD, GBP) free of charge. In addition, entrepreneurs have access to the Santander Trade portal, which provides information on trade with 185 countries (main export and import trends around the world, reports and analyzes, databases of importers and exporters). Like other banks, Santander pays bonuses for an active bank account.

Bank reference: Korporacje Santander Bank Polska (Dawniej BZWBK)


6th place Account Direct dla Firmy (ING Bank Śląski)

A business account at ING Bank is useful for those who will mainly perform most of the transactions independently through online banking. Most suitable for entrepreneurs working in individual activities, partnerships, small businesses. You will be able to use the account free of charge if a transfer is made to the ZUS or the tax inspectorate within a month and you have to credit the bank account within a month. PLN 2,000. Then you won’t have to pay to maintain your account and you’ll receive free online transfers (no restrictions). Withdrawals from ING and Planet Cash ATMs free of charge from other ATMs PLN 5 for each withdrawal.

ING customers value this bank for its easy access to credit and a wide range of services for small businesses: company accounting can be done online or invoiced. Online store owners have an online payment system linked to their account. At present, the fee is 0% for the first 3 months of the system, followed by a standard commission of 1.4% per transaction.

People who often do not withdraw money from a company account and who do not need a large network of free ATMs should opt for an ING business account. The online banking system is functional, simple and very user-friendly. Through it, you can set a trusted ePUAP profile (Polish personal identification number) that allows you to manage affairs in the electronic space.

Bank reference: ING Bank Śląski: nowoczesna oferta bankowości dostosowana do Twoich potrzeb


7th place Pocztowe Account Firmowe (Bank Pocztowy)

Bank Pocztowy took seventh place with an interesting offer. An account maintenance fee (PLN 15) can be avoided by receiving a min. PLN 2,000 (from an account outside Pocztowy Bank) with an active debit card. The advantage of this bank – free withdrawals from all ATMs in Poland and around the world, free online transfers. The Bank Pocztowy account costs entrepreneurs at least PLN 5 per month, as it is a card fee (this cannot be avoided), but in return you get a really good product. At Poczta Polska branches, the possibility to deposit money into the account free of charge and who sends shipments through Poczta Polska has special discounts.

Bank reference: Bankowość internetowa Pocztowy24 | Bank Pocztowy | Bank Pocztowy

8th place PKO Account Firmowe (PKO BP)

If you are just starting your business, you are exempt from the account maintenance fee (12 zlotys) for the first 6 months. Later, to avoid this, your account must receive at least PLN 2,000 per month. For this we have 10 free local (and European SEPA) online transfers (each other costs PLN 1). The bank card will be free of charge if you make at least 5 non-cash transactions with it – if this condition is not met, its price is PLN 10 per month.

What additional benefits can PKO BP business customers expect? In particular, free access to the payment terminal, e-mail accounting platforms, factoring, online currency exchange with very attractive exchange rates, as well as a discount in the online shop on the Shoplo platform. The PKO BP business account may not be the cheapest, but it has simple and transparent terms and a host of additional services that can be very useful for entrepreneurs.

Bank link: Wróć na pkobp.pl

9th place Account Mój Biznes (Millennium Bank)

Bank Millennium offers a free online transfer package (20 per month). The account will be free of charge if you make a transfer to ZUS and / or the tax office within a month or make a transfer from another account (it cannot belong to you) for a minimum amount of PLN 1,000. Disadvantages: low number of free ATMs (Millennium Bank only) and high branch transaction costs (PLN 25 per transfer, minimum PLN 10 for cash withdrawals).

Bank reference: Promotion account – Bank Millennium


10th place Account firm (Inteligo)

Inteligo Business Account is a simple product with transparent terms, but since December last year. an unavoidable account management fee of 12 zlotys per month has been introduced. The principle of exemption from the card fee (PLN 4) is simple and does not change (you must spend at least PLN 100 per month with it). The advantage is really cheap access to the credit limit on the account. It should be borne in mind that Inteligo’s customers do not have a free branch service – although it is a trademark owned by PKO BP, cash transactions are paid. The online transfer costs (PLN 1), so this bank is not for those who make frequent transfers.

Bank reference: Inteligo


Other Polish banks offering business accounts:

BNP Paribas

Bank reference : BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA


Bank link: Other Handlowy (citibank.pl)

Credit Agricole

Bank link: Bank Credit Agricole – Crédit Agricole (credit-agricole.pl)

Idea Bank

Bank reference: Idea Bank – najlepszy bank dla przedsiębiorców

BOŚ Bank

Bank reference: Customer indywidualny Bank Ochrony Środowiska (bosbank.pl)

Getin Bank

Bank reference: Getin Bank – Klienci Indywidualni

Bank BPS

Bank reference: BPS Home page (bankbps.pl)